Tackling with confidence and competence to minimise the risk of injury

With rugby being a contact sport, it's no surprise that over 55% of all injuries reported in youth rugby union occur in tackles, with 30% of those injuries occurring to the player making the tackle, raising the question of what can be done to keep players safer in tackles?

Lions Tackle Coaching was developed in partnership with Swansea University to help young children become competent and confident rugby players while reducing their risk of injury.

It can be challenging for schools and clubs to ensure that every player who graces the rugby pitch is getting the optimum exposure to safe and successful tackle techniques because time and attention are spread thin across all age groups and abilities.

Our Tackle Coaching programme will support in the delivery of your coaching, assisting in the improvement of player safety and assuring parents and loved ones that your school or club is proactive in making rugby safer for their child.

Our expert team will deliver high-quality coaching that will:

  • Enhance tackling technique
  • Develop athletic performance
  • Minimise the risk of injury
  • Create a proactive response to parental concerns about injuries
  • Make tackling safer and more enjoyable
  • Boost your rugby performance
  • Keep players engaged in the game for a longer period of time.

The programme launched in September. The goal of this programme is to give high-quality coaching to assist reduce the risk of injury, enhance performance, and keep more players on rugby pitches across the UK!

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