It's no surprise with rugby being a contact sport, 50% of all injuries reported happen in the tackle, but 28% of those injuries are by the player making the tackle which poses the question: what can we do to make players safer in the tackle?... 

With a lack of well-qualified coaches outside PE and games staff, catering for all teams in schools outside the top teams, it can be difficult to make sure that every player that graces the rugby pitch at school is getting the best exposure to safe and effective tackle techniques.

Whether you are a Director of Sport, PE Teacher or Teachers and Assistants that help with Games and PE teaching, this service will support your coaching delivery, help to improve player safety and reassure parents and loved ones that the school is taking a proactive approach to making rugby safer for their students. 

The programme, in partnership with Swansea University, launches in September. The purpose of this programme is to provide high-quality coaching support to help reduce the chances of injury and improve performance and keep more players on the rugby pitches throughout the UK!

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