Lions have partnered with GoVox to give students the best possible chance of bouncing back from issues exacerbated over the last year as quickly and safely as possible. Together, we will endeavour to combine physical and mental well-being to reduce the risk of student injury, hitting ‘crisis point’ or possibly both.

Who are GoVox?

GoVox, founded in 2017, are an online mental health and wellbeing platform, who aim to identify issues impacting peoples’ well-being so that actions can be taken to support them - 'Prioritising the conversations that matter'.

Why we have teamed up with GoVox...

  • To deliver a holistic approach for students' physical and mental health
  • They share our passion and interest in the well-being of their students
  • They have an excellent track record in proactively supporting the well-being of sports clubs, schools and corporate organisations

What clients say about GoVox:

GoVox has been an invaluable tool to ISZN. The ability to tailor-make questions on a monthly basis and get feedback from every student in the school really lets us see the impact that we are making, where students are feeling vulnerable, and also if any trends in behaviour are developing that we need to address. We are often able to be proactive in addressing issues before they become entrenched. It is also wonderful to hear when our students are doing well. I cannot recommend GoVox enough as part of our wider pastoral approach and have been very thankful for the insight and support the system has provided.

IISZN Secondary

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