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  Highlights from Lions staff training day     Lions coaches came together on Monday to brush up on their skills in preparation for the launch of our summer camps this week.                  ..
GoFest the UK's family festival of Sport, Dance, Health & Fitness takes place at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford on 13th & 14th August. With over 50 sports and activities to choose from there is something for all the family. Lions Sports Academy will be offering rugby coaching sessions (all coaching is included in the ticket price). Come and visit us at Surrey Sports Park and show your support for Shooting Star Chase, Children's Hospice.     ..
   Summer Camps Athlete Development Programme Summer Special - Old Wimbledonian Warriors, Wimbledon - 25th Jul to 29th Aug Summer Strength & Speed - St Mary's University, Teddington - 15th Jul to 19th Aug           Lion Cubs Camp   Udney Park Playing Fields, Teddington - 26th Jul to 28th Jul & 23rd Aug to 25th Aug    Summer Multi Sports Camp    Udney Park Playing Fields, Teddington - 16th Aug to 18th Aug         Lions Football Develo..
  To book onto this course go to and select "Athlete Development Programme - Summer Special." ..
To book onto this course go to and select "Athlete Development Programme - Summer Strength & Speed." ..
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                                                                  The world of sports science – with its biomechanics, performance enhancement, and mulsculoskeletal training methods – can be a confusing place for the layman. Until the past few decades, these words didn’t even exist, and to many they still don’t. However, sports science is utterly integral to the progression of any aspiring young partic..
   For the first time since 1924, in reflection of its status as one of the world’s fastest growing sports, rugby returns to the Olympic arena this summer. Rio de Janeiro will play host to 24 teams – both men’s and women’s – competing to be crowned Olympic champions in rugby sevens, the XV-a-side game’s younger, quicker, sleeker sibling.    Rugby’s Olympic renaissance is intriguing, if not particularly controversial. The International Olympic Committee voted overwhelmingly in favour of reinstating rugby as an Olympic sport, ..
Image copyright of     Monday saw the first full day’s wash-out at Roland Garros in 16 years, and prompted calls from French Open tournament director, Guy Forget, to immediately install a roof in preparation for next year’s tournament. “We’ve talked about this roof in Paris for 15 years already”, he seethed, “today is the day to just say stop”. Clearly, the chap means business, and one would suspect that as his sentiments are echoed from most corners – with talk of tarnished global images and bureaucratic Fr..
         The inability of English cricketers to sit at the top table of the global game has perplexed this nation’s ardent following for a long time. We gave the game to the world, and the world produced the kind of players we could only dream of; or, more accurately, gave us nightmares for decades on end. Of course, we have produced world-beaters. Truman, Gooch, Botham, Flintoff, Pietersen, Harmison were all for a time peerless. The key phrase here, however, is ‘for a time’; no English player has dominated world cricket with any amount of longevit..
  Much has been made of the since-deposed, arch-scoundrel Michel Platini’s decision to expand the European Championships from 16 to 24 teams. With the inclusion of teams from the sheer periphery of European football – and the fact that almost nobody bar Ireland and Albania is likely to be knocked out at the group stage – critics have lambasted a decision which, they say, has ensured a dilution of quality and drama in what was once a sure-fire blockbuster from start to finish. In truth, it is hard to envisage – especially given Platini’s track record of..