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                      As we reach the halfway point in the 2016-17 Premier League season, one thing alone seems strikingly certain: the health of the English domestic game has been restored to somewhere close to its mid-noughties pomp. To say this is to imply that it has been somewhat lacking of late, which might come as a surprise to some of you. Yet, delicious as it may have been in its undiluted ludicrousness, Leicester City being crowned champions does not point to a highly competitive, continentally-dominant Premier League. Quite t..
                                                                            At the risk of sounding like every other cliché-wrapped bundle of festive round-up codswallop: this year has been quite the rollercoaster. Unprecedented successes have been followed by mind-numbingly predictable failures. Normal orders have been restored, usurped and downright destroyed. Reputations have been fortified ..

Whatever your age, size or gender, resistance training is good for your health

                                                                                                                                                 Photo courtesy BBC The BBC’s publicity people have got one hell of a job on th..
It is a sign of changing times that the early season international breaks are, to most of us, something of an inconvenience. The lustre of the Premier League is now such that it far eclipses its international counterpart for excitement, drama and quality, and any interruption to its seemingly endless stream of high-class theatre is treated irksome to those who plan their weekends around it. Now it’s all over and done with till March, we can get back to the opulent footballing indulgences of West Brom v Burnley on a Monday night. Thank god. This most recent round of fixtures, howev..

Misinformed concerns and a misrepresented image of the gym-goer have led historically to a wariness on the part of parents to all things gym. However, over the past two decades, things have changed dramatically...

             Lions Foundation Strength will help young athletes gain an understanding of resistance training in a safe and effective gym environment to physically prepare the body for sport.    From a performance, injury prevention and confidence perspective, Lions  ​Foundation Strength  will:   Increase upper and lower body strength Increase power Build confidence  Increase movement efficiency  Improve co-ordination Reduce chance of injury ​The course is ope..
  Lions Sports Academy are offering a 10% early booking discount across all February 2017 half term camps. Enter Code NOV16 to redeem. Offer ends on 30th November 2016. Camps confirmed so far are at: Guildford RC Old Wimbledonians Warriors RC Teddington RFC Weybridge Vandals RC   ..
                Barring a woeful batting display against Pakistan at The Oval – a rather damp climax to an otherwise bright summer – England could have found themselves on top of the test-match tree. As it is, they don’t. Still, with this in mind, it seems counter-intuitive to look ahead at this winter’s tour with glum pessimism, regardless of whether this may or may not be ‘the English way of doing things’. However, it really is difficult to feel anything but. The overriding view of our chances this winter is, a..