The Return To School Sport

It’s been a nervous start to the 2020 school year for Lions. The lack of clarity, due to the Coronavirus, has left everyone feeling anxious.



Last year we were working in 22 schools delivering sports from rugby, cricket, netball, hockey and athletic development. 


We didn’t know what the new sports calendar in schools would look like, let alone if we’d even be allowed to deliver our coaching. 


The lack of inter-school fixtures has meant many of the schools we worked with, to support their PE and Games departments, have been able to manage in house. 

It’s not all bad, though


We have been very fortunate to continue with eight schools and form relationships with two new schools!

Most the schools we have previously worked with have said they’re looking forward to welcoming us back as soon as possible too.


We’ve recently started working with  Brambletye School, to support their games staff with football, hockey and multi-sports staff who were delighted with our recruitment process.


“What you produce for the coaches, their Safer Recruitment Sheets is  great and very thorough.”


If your school is looking for qualified coaches to help support your sports departments we would love to hear from you. Contact us by emailing to find out more. 

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