Revolutionising Coach Training: Lions Sports Academy Collaborates with Buckinghamshire New University for Level 2 Coaching Programme

Lions Sports Academy is thrilled to announce a dynamic partnership with Buckinghamshire New University, aimed at fostering the development of the next generation of dedicated coaches and mentors. Recognizing the crucial need for skilled and passionate sports educators, this collaboration represents a significant step forward in our collective mission to transform the landscape of coach education and training.

In response to the growing demand for competent coaches, Lions Sports Academy and Buckinghamshire New University have united their expertise to introduce an innovative vocational coaching qualification to compliment their academic qualification.

Through this strategic partnership, students will have the invaluable opportunity to benefit from an immersive learning experience led by acclaimed faculty members and industry professionals. Our shared commitment lies in nurturing a new generation of coaches who embody both competence and compassion, equipped with the necessary tools to build impactful relationships with the young individuals they guide, fostering a culture of sportsmanship and holistic growth.

Reflecting on this landmark collaboration, Jade Hewitt, Course Leader, Sports Coaching & Sports Coaching Science degree, at Buckinghamshire New University, said, "We firmly believe in the power of mentorship and guidance in shaping the future of sports. Our partnership with Lions Sports Academy affirms our dedication to empowering students with the skills and knowledge to become exceptional youth coaches and influential figures in the sports community."

This groundbreaking initiative not only aims to elevate the standards of coach education but also endeavors to establish a clear pathway for students to secure promising employment opportunities upon graduation. By bridging the gap between academia and practical application, our program seeks to cultivate a cohort of youth coaches who not only excel in their craft but also demonstrate an unwavering commitment to fostering the holistic well-being of the next generation.

Together, Lions Sports Academy and Buckinghamshire New University are committed to raising the bar in youth coaching, ensuring that every child has access to exceptional mentorship and guidance, enabling them to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives through the transformative power of sports.

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