Q&A with Will and Joe Harwood. Twin coaches!

Photo: Will (Left) & Joe (Right) both coaching at Old Wimbledonians RFC.

There's around a 3% of having twins. So what's the chances of having two twins who are both rugby coaches? That's exactly what Joe and Will Harwood are. They've just spent last week coaching on our October half-term camps, so we thought it'd be a great time to catch up with them! 

Q: What is it like coaching with each other? Do you enjoy it?

A (Joe): Will’s the person I probably trust the most in terms of his opinions on rugby, we view the game very similarly. I know I can trust what he says when we are coaching together.

Q: Why did you both decide to become coaches? 

A (Joe): We both wanted to play professional rugby and played at a fairly high standard. After suffering knee injuries, I started coaching at my old school, Pangbourne College; and old club, Newbury RFC. 

Lions coach Will Harwood

Q: Do you have the same coaching style?

A (Joe): I would say we have similar coaching styles. I’ve recently completed my Level 3 UKCC Advanced

Coaching Award. We both read a lot of coaching books, listen to podcasts and watch videos. We also like to watch how other coaches do things to learn more. I want to continue to develop my coaching and my playing philosophies. 

Q: Are there times you disagree?

A (Will): Yes, we disagree. We disagree most when we are selecting squads. One of will usually assume the role of Head Coach and so they will take the responsibility of the final decision.

Q: Do you see yourselves always coaching together?

A (Will): We will eventually end up moving apart in terms of coaching together. It's something that I am enjoying doing at the moment. We'd like to continue it dor as long as we ca

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