Lions Sports Academy & St Mary’s University Launch an Exciting New Coach Education Program

Finding quality and reliable coaches for sports can be difficult in the current climate. This can make it tough for schools and clubs to give students the best coaching experience. This is why Lions Sports Academy and St Mary’s University are teaming up to help create more qualified coaches. 

The partnership aims to enhance the student coaching experience by running a Level 2 Sports Coaching qualification for students who want to be coaches. The coaching qualification, which is embedded into the degree curriculum, will provide a vocational qualification and practical skills for coaching sports. The students will learn from University lecturers and industry specialists, to help set them up for success after they finish their education.

Senior Lecturer and Subject Lead Sport Pedagogy, Stuart Carrington, had the following to say about the partnership: “We believe every person deserves a great coach who knows how to create an engaging training environment. Our partnership with Lions Sports Academy means we're working together to make sure all coaches have the skills they need to succeed.”

This partnership will not only help provide qualifications for students but also create a pathway to help students find jobs when they leave university. That way, they can keep on learning and get even better at helping players at schools and clubs. It’s our aim to increase the coaching experiences for children to make sure that everyone can enjoy sports and stay healthy.

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