Lions Residential FAQ's

Q Will my child be split into their appropriate age group?

A We will split into specific age groups for large parts of the day. Sometimes we will do a large actvity all together, however, they will only sleep in rooms of their age group.

Q What coach:child ratio do you work to?
A We work on no more than 1:10 coach:child ratio

Q Will there be anyone else on campus?
A There may be several workers/employees of the school, however, children will be supervised by Lions Sports Academy coaches at all times.

Q What happens if my child becomes ill during the camp?
A Our coaches are fully first aid qualified and there is a sick bay where we can monitor your child and we will also have your contact details incase we need to contact you.

Q My child has food allergies, how do you cater for that?
A We make sure we are aware of all food and other allergies before start of camp and there will be several options hot and cold available at meal time.

Q Who do I contact if I need to get hold of someone or my child?
A All parents will be given the camp leads mobile number who will be present throughout the camp.

Q Can my child bring their own mobile phone and/or tablet?
A No, phones and tablets will not be premitted. Any other valuables will be kept in a safe throughout the day and distributed at free time in the evenings.

Q Does my child need to bring any money?
A No money will be required, however, healthy drinks and snacks will be provided throughout the day and evening. Children can bring their own drinks and snacks.

Q As a parent, can I come and watch any of the events?

A We invite all parents to come along during the last afternoon to watch any activites and also the medal ceromany at the end of the camp, 5pm on Friday.

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