Lions Partner with World Rugby Museum

Lions Sports Academy has recently partnered with Twickenham Stadium to offer a stadium tour and training package, allowing us to provide a unique opportunity for your child and their friends to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of international rugby. 

Here's what you and your children can look forward to

Bespoke Rugby Training Session: 

Come and experience what it takes to be an international rugby player! 

Our qualified coaches from Lions Sports Academy will deliver a 60-minute bespoke training session, tailored to your specific requirements. Whether the aim is to improve your child's current rugby skills or introduce rugby as a new sport, our experienced coaches will help deliver your specific objectives. This training session will be a fantastic opportunity for your child and their teammates to learn from the best and ignite their passion for rugby.

Stadium Tour: 

Explore the legendary Twickenham Stadium, The Home of England Rugby. 

Led by an expert guide, you and your children will embark on a behind-the-scenes journey, discovering exclusive locations, including the England Changing Room. Feel the excitement as you learn how international players prepare for kick-off and capture a memorable photo opportunity on the pitch side. It's an experience that will leave your children in awe and inspire them to reach for greatness.

World Rugby Museum: 

Delve into the captivating history of rugby at the award-winning World Rugby Museum. 

Uncover the game's origins, its evolution, and the stories of legendary players who have made their mark on the sport. From interactive exhibits to impressive displays of memorabilia, the museum offers an immersive and educational experience that will deepen your children's love for rugby.

If you are interested in the tour, please contact us at

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