Lions Hold Speed Academy Taster At Aldro School

Having already agreed to continue our partnership with Aldro Preparatory School For Boys next term, Lions Sports Academy decided we would put on a Speed Academy taster session for the pupils, so that they would have an idea of what to expect when the actual course begins. 

Australian International & Harlequins Ladies player Chloe Butler led the session at the school, which was made up of about 12 to 15 boys from years 7 & 8. The group of pupils was made up of those who are in the sports scholarship group & were picked by Teacher Alex Jordan to take part in the activity session. 

The session was put on to show the pupils what they can expect from a Lions Sports Academy Speed Academy course. We will be running a Speed Academy course at Aldro, once a week for an hour, throughout the entirety of next term. 

The sessions are designed to help the pupils improve on different athletic attributes. Some of the attributes that will be tested are footwork, speed, power & agility. 

The hour taster session involved a number of different activities such as running through ladders, changing direction in speed competitions & using resistance bands.

At the end of the taster it could be seen that it had been a success & that the pupils were looking forward to the actual course beginning next term.

We cannot wait to get started at Aldro now & be able to help the students improve on their speed & agility over the course of the term.

If you like what you've read here & you think your school might be interested in running a Speed Academy course with Lions, then please don't hesistate to email


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