Lions Continue Partnership With Aldro Prep School

Lions Sports Academy are pleased to announce that we will be continuing our partnership with Aldro Preparartory School For Boys this year. Having worked with them last year, we are pleased & excited to have signed another deal that will allow us to help them throughout the upcoming Summer term at School. 

We will be running another Speed Academy course with the school during the Summer term, as we did last year, & we hope to be able to provide a similar impact as we did last year. Last year we had 16 children improve on their times throughout our course with Aldro & we hope that we can have a similar impact this year & get even more to improve their times.

With the course running from the start of the Summer term, we will be heading to Aldro on 21st March to provide a taster session for the children. This will provide them with an opportunity to see in advance what our sessions with them will be like & the sort of things they can hope to improve on throughout the course.

Keep an eye out on our social channels for all the account during the taster session!

We are very excited about this opportunity & can't wait to get started with Aldro again in the Summer. 

Check out our latest news for anymore school deals that we agree. There will be a few more coming out soon so don't miss our announcements. 


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