Latest Coaching Recruit Jack Bennett Joins Lions Coaching Team

Lions Sports Academy would like to formally introduce Jack Bennett as the latest coach to join our high-profile coaching team. Jack has had previous experience working with Lions and it's now great to have him on board full-time. 

We conducted a brief interview with Jack to get to know him and bit better and understand why he has a passion for coaching.

Full name: Jack Stephen Bennett

How long have you been coaching?

2017/18 Tag Rugby Trust to school children in Zambia

Coached Year 7’s at Esher High School.

How did you get into it and why coaching?

First started coaching as part of a school trip partnered with the Tag Rugby Trust to Zambia in 2017 and was offered the opportunity to go back the following year. This kick started my enjoyment in coaching and I wanted to be able to do the same back in England, so I became determined to acquire formal coaching qualifications.

As Captain of Esher High rugby team I also thought it was important to gain additional knowledge.

Why Lions?

I had already been previously part of Lions programme by taking part in their Foundation Strength course and so had already got to know key members of the team. Then they were grateful enough to help me pursue my coaching aspirations by involving me in their community after I reached out to them.

Qualifications and training?

Level 2 RFU Coaching Course,

Emergency First Aid Trained,

DofE Bronze completed and working towards Gold

National Citizenship Service

Represent Surrey U17’s/18’s

Represent South London Rugby League

Been playing rugby since 4 years old

Coaching Goals?

To eventually be able to go to places such as Zambia and set up coaching organistaions to help engage more young people to enjoy the game

Interests and Hobbies?

Keen rugby player

History - which I’m studying at College and hope to study at University

Trapped on a desert island, 3 things what are they?

Netflix, Sun Lounger and Rugby Ball.



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