Jimmy Tournois: Welcome To The Team

Lions Sports Academy would like to welcome Jimmy Tournois as our latest recruit to our fantastic coaching team!!

Jimmy is our newest coach on the Lions Team, you will Jimmy coaching on our Foundation Strength Sessions on Friday evenings at TRIBE Performance Gym in Richmond from 6-7pm


Full name: My name is Jimmy Tournois
How long have you been coaching?
In 2004, I have obtained a master’s degree in Professional Coaching after studying Psychology & worldwide medical systems and Anthropology. I have worked initially into social industry providing support to various population. This was very inspiring to develop myself further and I decided to get more involved into health & sports coaching by getting a continuous and in depth knowledge for training people. In the US, I actually started to work into the sports industry from 2007. In 2012, in the US I have qualified as a tennis instructor as I really enjoyed this sport which I practiced since I was about 7 y.old. Overall I had the opportunity to practice and enjoy a wide spectrum of sports. I continuously try to learn, study, develop my knowledge and share with other professionals as much as I can. My motivation was that I wanted to effectively help people with a real scientific knowledge. Luckily, I have met some great talented people and professionals so I feel obliged to do my very best with everyone I work with.
How did you get into it and why coaching?
This is still today a long term process which makes yourself a forever learner. Meeting people and contributing to their progress is really enjoyable.
Why Lions?
I have discovered the Lions after moving in the UK when my eldest son has attended a 3 days rugby camp which he really enjoyed. He went through a training learning new drills,
technical abilities. A blast. Then I learned more about their development and activities.
Qualifications and training?
I have studied psychology, sports psychology and human sciences. I also became a Tennis Development Instructor for both Junior and Adults. From then I got certified as a Personal
Trainer up to level 4 and then more recently to Strength &; Conditioning Coach to level 4 as well. I am proud to have obtained a lot of certifications in regards to fitness training
(kettlebell instructor, Olympic weightlifting coaching, core specialist, etc…) I also specialise into Exercise for Low back Pain Management, qualified as an Exercise Referral, Coach women in a pre/post natal status with both nutrition or exercise. I always enjoy supporting people and working in a multidisciplinary team. I also really appreciate working on nutrition for general population, obesity prevention or with other specifics for athletes.
Coaching Goals?
I want to always be learning new topics and meet with more experts and athletes. I aim to establish the best environment for people, athletes to succeed at their best. This takes time,
focus and implementing such a process is really rewarding.
Interests and Hobbies?
I really enjoy being travelling or outdoors, sports, music and human sciences.
Trapped on a desert island, 3 things what are they?
Fire, water and some tool.


For the full profile go to www.Lionssports.academy


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