How Do We Develop Happy Healthy Children?

We all want happy and healthy children. However, ‘how you develop happy and healthy children?’ is a different question entirely, especially with all that is going on in the world today.
If you’re passionate about sport, we believe that sport is a great vehicle to developing happy and healthy children and helps to teach habits that will last a lifetime. But does it come with some concerns? 
Yes, totally…
The current situation around contact sports and how it affects young developing brains is of high importance and discussion for long term health. This, especially, is true around the tackle scenario in rugby.
Firstly, it does appear that these cases in the older generation are only appearing in a few cases and most ex-players have no long term impact of repetitive exposure to contact scenarios. 
This leads us to the second question that isn’t debated: “is your child at a higher risk of head injury than their peers?”. Could this be a large factor in individuals having long term brain injury? We now know that certain individuals expose themselves to higher brain forces during contact situations.
At Lions Sports Academy we aim to be the leading researchers within this topic and hope to make a safer game for all which will ultimately result in improving experiences and keeping players in the game for longer. 
We believe if we can understand the risks, we can start to implement training programmes at a youth level to minimise the risks and therefore exposure to high forces on the brain and other contact related injuries...

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