Resistance Training

Resistance Training

 There’s one on every street, numerous in every city. Incomprehensible to the old school, bloated pub-dweller, and church to the endorphin-crazed, carb-counting, beautiful young things. Many are open 24 hours a day, and all are packed to the air-conditioned rafters with people of all shapes, sexes, sizes and goals. To one, the cover of Men’s Fitness beckons. To another, staving off the early onset of age is enough. To all, the gym is, and has been for some time, a staple part of life – a one-way ticket to self-improvement, self-confidence and self-worth.

Whilst most of us have been working out and towelling down for over a generation, there has remained one sect of society that has been to a large extent absent: our youth. Misinformed concerns and a misrepresented image of the gym-goer have led historically to a wariness on the part of parents to all things gym. However, over the past two decades, things have changed dramatically.  Supported by a compelling body of scientific evidence, the consensus within the international community is that the benefits far outweigh the potential concerns. Resistance training (any method of conditioning in which an individual works against a weight) can be a good thing, whatever your age.

Over the coming month, we will publish a series of mini-articles, based on the latest scientific research, explaining why resistance training in youth is an overwhelmingly positive thing, provided it is done in the right way: supervised by qualified professionals and consistent with the needs, goals and abilities of children and adolescents.

Watch this space.

Edward Capstick

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