Get Your Lions Sports Academy Vest For This Summer's Pre-Season Courses

Get Your Lions Sports Academy Vest For This Summer's Pre-Season Courses

This summer, for an extra £10 you will be able to purchase a Lions Sports Academy sports vest when sign up to one of our pre-season courses. With our pre-season courses running at various clubs throughout June, July & August, this vest will be the perfect attire to wear when training during the hot summer evenings. As well as using the vest for your training, it will also be a nice souvenir to remember your time on our course. 

Throughout the summer months, our pre-season courses will run at multiple clubs in the evening on week nights and will be open to kids of 11+. Both girls and boys courses will be available to attend. These courses will be the perfect way to prepare your kids for the new-season as they will combine the learning of key rugby skills through fun games & challenges, with speed and strength training that will not only look to enhance these attributes but also other attributes such as agility, stability & co-ordination. 

These courses are the perfect combination of keeping fit, developing key skills and having fun with new & existing friends. 

More details and information about these courses will be posted on our website soon. 




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