Second Block of Summer Camps in Full Swing!

Second Block of Summer Camps in Full Swing!

The second block of our 2019 summer camps is in full swing with camps at Guildford Rugby Club & Windsor Rugby Club running throughout this week. We have seen a great turnout across both camps and it has been great to see so many kids out and about playing rugby during the summer holidays.

This is especially important to us as we pride ourselves on trying to make a difference in a young persons life and to give them a chance to develop as a person not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. We are hugely passionate on building a child's or young persons confidence through sport, by building relationships and offering something engaging and enjoyable we hope to see them grow and be the best version of themselves. Therefore, we are passionate about seeing as many children take this journey as possible over summer.

Both of these camps have been fuelled by Coco Fuzion 100who's coconut water drink has kept all our participants nice and refreshed in the warm weather. Each of our participants also received a free Coco Fuzion 100 waterbottle that they get to keep as a gift for attending one of our camps. These will be on offer to everyone that attends one of our camps this summer!



Next week, our summer camps continue with three more camps at Old Reigatians, High Wycombe & Ellingham & Ringwood RFC. These camps are all girls camps with High Wycombe and Ellingham & Ringwood RFC being rugby camps, whilst at Old Reigatians we are delivering one of our new Athlete Development camps for the first time this summer. 

If you haven't seen any of these upcoming camps before or you want to register your place now, please visit the book now section of our website or please email for more information.


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