Myles Nesbeth: Introducing Our Latest Coaching Addition

Myles Nesbeth: Introducing Our Latest Coaching Addition

Lions Sports Academy would like to formally introduce Myles Nesbeth as our latest coach. We are very eager to be working with Myles and can’t wait to see him in action.

We did a brief interview with Myles in order to get to know him a bit better and understand what exactly coaching means to him!

How long have you been coaching? Basketball & multisport coaching: two years

S&C coaching: 1 year

How did you get into it and why coaching? I have been involved in sport from a young age and have had some inspirational coaches around me during that time and I feel that younger children/teenagers should receive the skills and discipline that I was shown which is why I started to coach

Why did you choose to work at Lions? I have great respect for the work done by Lions and I like how it gives rookie coaches like me a chance and a stepping stone into my ideal career

What sort of Qualifications and training experience do you have?

Basketball coaching level 1

Football coaching level 1

FA referee level 1

Multisport coaching

Gym instructor level 2

BSC Hons Strength and Conditioning

What are your Coaching Goals? To become an S&C coach for a professional team as well as having a business where we send out coaches to teams who require one and set up an internship programme

Do you have any Interests and Hobbies? Basketball has been my main interest from young and it’s something that I have a great passion for.

If you were trapped on a desert island, 3 things what are they?

Water purifier

Nokia 3210

Tinned food


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